Sunday, May 22, 2011

Vince Russo "Shoots" on Hogan

Looking back I realize what a clown Vince Russo is. I know this guy's creative style is not a good thing for the industry. All I know is I was beyond sick and tired of Hulk Hogan's backstage bullshit in WCW. For that reason alone, Vince Russo was my hero this night.

Now I put "Shoots" in quotation marks because I now realize that this was probably a worked shoot that went awry as opposed to Russo really burying Hulk Hogan.

All that being said, this led to Booker T capturing the WCW World Title. That was a huge markout moment for this guy. I was hopeful that WCW had turned the corner and was ready to put the focus on guys like Jarrett, Booker, Steiner etc. Basically, the focus was going to be put on anyone but that politicking Hulk Hogan.

As an aside, I was in Daytona Beach, FL with the ex-wife on vacation the week of this show. I was tempted to try to get tickets and lay out of work on Monday, but didn't do so. Had I known that Booker T was going to win the Big Gold Belt and that Vince Russo was going to bury Hogan, I would have definitely stayed.

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