Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Undertaker: Retired?

Have we heard the gong for the last time?

Sounds kind of crazy, but allegedly that's the case.  I mean, it's obvious that he's winding it down, but I full expected to see him back on SmackDown at some point this year.  At the very least, I would have expected to see him at SummerSlam or one of the other "big" PPVs. 

To be clear, read this from LoP's Marc Middleton, who gives credit to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.
While it's not official yet, the internal thought within WWE is that The Undertaker is basically retired, which explains Michelle McCool leaving to spend more time with him at home.

The Observer reports that The Undertaker is in far worse physical shape than is being let on. WWE officials aren't ruling Taker out for WrestleMania 28 in 11 months but don't expect him to work another match before then. People close to Taker have talked to him about retiring at WrestleMania 28 with his streak at 20-0.
Look, I've grown tired of the Undertaker, but this is certainly a shame.  I think some sort of retirement tour (even if he doesn't wrestle) leading up to WrestleMania 28 and a 20-0 record would be a fitting way to send "The Last Outlaw" off into the sunset.