Saturday, May 7, 2011

TWB: Shane Helms Got into a Motorcycle Accident

I wanted to cover this, but TH flat out beat me to it. We have pretty much the exact same perspective on this deal as well on the "Waffle House Crew" so consider this yet another opportunity to go check out TH's fine work on The Wrestling Blog.

I will add though that Helms is one of those guys that I've been really hot and cold on. 

Let's summarize:
  • WCW's "Sugar" Shane Helms: Seemed like an excellent cruiserweight, got a kick out of the dancing girl intro
  • "The Hurricane":  Fun for a comedy gimmick at first.  Overstayed its welcome by a lot.  I mean a whole lot.
  • Gregory Helms:  Arrogant heel work at its finest.  Nice Cruiserweight champion.
Anyhow, good luck to him, hope he recovers quickly.