Monday, May 30, 2011

Terry Taylor stepped down from TNA?

Word around the 'net is that Terry Taylor chose to leave TNA Wrestling due to some unspecified personal issues.  I don't think many believed that and now there's more talk about Taylor being forced out.

Daniel Pena posted this on Lords of Pain today.

Of note:

The latest issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that Taylor was fired by the organization on May 20. It is believed that he was let go due to allegations made against him in a lawsuit filed by a former performer.
The most absurd part is that it's not necessarily even the charges leveled by Shannon "Daffney" Spruill that led to the May 20th firing.

TH's The Wrestling Blog has an article by Cageside Seats that goes even further into this whole TNA/Terry Taylor debacle.  It even points out that Dave Scherer's PWInsider (PWSpyware, lol) has been used by TNA to get their message out.