Tuesday, May 10, 2011

RAW Review 5-9-2011

This episode of RAW just did not do it for me.  I never did get to pay it my full attention so I may rewatch it this week on DVR or Saturday on Universal HD.  If so, I may have to refine this review, but here's how I'm feeling on this beautiful Tuesday about last night's RAW.
  • Opening segment: ADR, Miz and Riley all played their parts really well...but you already knew that.  Ricardo even got a fun spot in there.  R-Truth's interruption worked for me.  His odd delivery worked for me as well, but he rambled too long.  I think his promos work better when he's more to the point.  I liked his first heel one because it established his motivation.  I don't think he needs to talk that long though in general. 
  • Main Event: Didn't get to focus on this like I should have. Loved the finish with Riley and Miz punking Rey Rey. Cena picking the stip was, "Eh." Kudos to WWE for having Truth destroy Rey after the match as opposed to being the determining factor in the match. 
  • US Title match: Good for Kofi to get the win, bad for Swagger to take the loss especially due to Jerry Lawler walking down the ramp. I wish they made us care more about this belt. Swagger could use the title a lot more than Kofi (who seems to simply bounce from secondary title to secondary title, but never feels more important). I say that as someone who is high on Kofi, mind you.
  • Kharma:  I don't care about the Divas, but Kharma is a blast.  They could keep this up for a while and I'd be content with it.  Loved the Bellas running like heck.  Kelly Kelly's facial expressions delivered yet again.  Eve took the former Implant Buster like a champ.  Kharma has her character down.  It hits all the right notes.  The production crew deserves a lot of credit too because her Titantron video really works for her.
  • New Nexus/Kane and Big Show: I like Kane and Show, but there is no reason they should be punking the Corre like they did and this was more of the same.  Punk deserves better and if he re-signs I hope we see a CM Punk that is used more fully by WWE Creative.
  • Cole/Lawler:  This needed to end at WM, but it didn't.  It has more than overstayed its welcome.  I could not care less about this angle if I tried at this point.  Swagger was fun though as was the face Cole made when his face was smashed against the Cole Mine.  I hope the Over the Limit match is the end of this nonsense.  I also hope that Swagger moves on to bigger and better things out of this.
  • Riley/Cena:  Fun match, hate Cena.  Didn't really matter to me.
  • Ziggler:  The new look sucks.  I don't know that he'll recover from this "Felicity moment."  Google it, friends. 
That's RAW in a nutshell, "Meh."