Wednesday, May 25, 2011

RAW Review 5-23-2011

Interesting episode of RAW for sure.

  • "Macho Man" Randy Savage video:  Excellent and touching video.  "Macho Man" really was one of the greatest.  It's a shame that whatever personal issues came between him and Vince kept him from coming back even once after WCW folded.
  • Kharma:  Positively bizarre. I didn't hate it like most, but it was really strange.  I was looking forward to where it was going, but now there's rumors floating around the 'net that she's done for an extended period of time due to a back issue or a pregnancy. Crazy stuff. I hope Mark Henry's the father though.
  • Cole/Lawler:  Finally a blowoff.  Cole awkwardly trying to be friendly with King on commentary was hilarious. I hope we get more heel Cole, but it should not be directed at Lawler anymore. That needs to be 100% over.
  • Swagger/Bourne:  Went about like I thought it would.  Swagger beats Bourne down and wins clean. The strangeness hit after the final bell when Even interrupted Jack's victory lap.  I wouldn't mind seeing a mini-feud between these two.  I do hope that WWE is finally serious about giving Swagger a legitimate push.
  • Kofi defends US title:  Nice to see Kofi win a match. Bonus cool points that his tights were designed by a kid who won a contest.  See what you can learn on Twitter.
  • Bret "The Hitman" Hart:  Bret, deservedly, got a nice pop. I wish he wasn't so enamored with jorts, but no one's perfect.  His interaction with Truth and that kid who Truth punked was a lot of fun.  Him reffing the main event was a lot of fun too.
  • R-Truth:  Continues his insanity. Him giving that kid Bret's glasses and then taking them away was great.
  • CM Punk:  The Macho Man tights were a nice touch.  "Where did you learn to count, Canada?" was a nice touch.  Stealing Bret's 5 Moves of Doom?  Nice touch.  That's why Punk is the greatest.
All-in-all, a fun show. 

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