Tuesday, May 3, 2011

RAW Review 5-2-2011: The Rock's Birthday

Here's some thoughts on last night's RAW.  Not a great episode by any stretch with at least one really offensive outcome.  Yes, it's the WWE Title match.  No, not just because the Miz didn't win. 

  • WWE Championship Match (Cena and Miz): Thoroughly enjoyable match that was killed by a Reverse Dusty finish. The most egregious part for me was that it really did lack internal consistency for a ref to use circumstantial evidence in this one case to reverse a decision. 99% of the time that finish would stand and it should have last night as well. Beyond that, Miz would have thrown the belt out of the ring because that's what he does. He even did it with the briefcase earlier. It was just a stupid way to end a really good WWE Title match. Miz kicking out of the AA was nice though.  Cena still does nothing for me.
  • The Rock: Gets the hometown reaction plus, well, The Rock reaction. Cole's interaction was fun, but this segment seemed to go on a bit long. Seeing Cole get his was great and reminded me how WM 27 should have gone down with him and Lawler.  Anyhow, some musician I've never heard of performed.  Later we get one of those party segments in the back.  Nothing notable except for the appearance of Ron Simmons.  The Ron Simmons cameo was the highlight for this guy, of course.  We did get some fun interplay between Rock and new WHC, Christian.  Great final birthday video presented by the Chairman. Must have been really fun to be in the arena, but without better action on the show it didn't work as well for TV. 
  • Kharma:  Kelly Kelly sold this perfectly.  Kharma didn't seem to get a great reaction, but I think that will improve over time.  Maryse taking the former "Implant Buster" was nice.  Kharma plays her roll really well.
  • Patriotic Open:  Lillian Garcia singing, nice videos taking us back to the post-9/11 SmackDown.  It was all classy and well-produced, but felt....unnecessary to me. 
  • Celebrity Birthday messages:  All over the place, some funny, some godawful. 
  • New Talent Tag Match:  Swagger/Drew McIntyre vs Kofi/Rey, fun match.  Swagger rules of course.  DMc got punked by multiple finishers.  ADR's involvement was nice.
  • Kane/Big Show vs New Nexus segment: They did a lot of work there to get a guy over (Mason Ryan) who is apparently awful in the ring.  Weird. 

Overall, this was a pretty bad RAW.  Much like a couple of weeks ago when Edge's shocking retirement salvaged a bad RAW, this one was somewhat saved by the presence of The Great One.  It was probably a lot more fun if you were in Miami though.