Wednesday, May 18, 2011

RAW Review 5-16-2011: FINALLY!

Full Disclaimer:  I still haven't finished all of RAW from this week, but here's a rundown of what I saw.
  • Kofi (IC Champ)/CM Punk: I liked this match and I hated this match.  I enjoyed watching two workers I'm really into, mix it up.  What I'm tired of seeing is secondary champs dropping non-title matches.  This is doubly true with Kofi who always has gold yet rarely seems to win.  I would have given WWE bonus points had they mentioned that Punk and Kofi were tag champs.  If they mentioned it, I missed it.  Line of the night: "No more Mr. Nice Punk."
  • Kharma:  Still tons of fun.  It really should be getting tiring at this point, but Kharma owns that gimmick.  Not only that, the interaction with Kelly Kelly points to a larger storyline playing out so you're not simply getting a different Diva destroyed each week.  I did like that the Bellas chose to stand and fight this week after the ran like hell last week.  The thump on Kelly was really cool.
  • Rey/ADR/Truth:  Rey bores me to tears.  My three year old cuts better promos.  The match was fun, ADR and Ricardo were great as always (seriously, how great is ADR's entrance?) but I've seen enough ADR and Rey for a long time.  Truth brought the goods again as this heel turn is starting to turn even some of R-Truth's most vocal critics.  Lawler pointing out that Truth seemed remorseful was solid too.
  • Kiss My Foot:  Painful segment.  Painfully tired feud.  Please. Just. Die.  Swagger possibly turning face is interesting, but I'm so over this feud between Cole and Lawler.  Call me when you decide to do something with Swagger.
  • Cena/Miz:  I'm beyond tired of Cena.  Nice little promo to open things up.  A-Ri did his job well and I liked the setup in that it showed the Miz trying to line up an opponent for Cena throughout the night.  As for the main event, I haven't gotten to watch the whole match yet so I will withhold comment for now.  Nice cheap heat for A-Ri with the Spurs choking line.  Also, the Miz's tie was too short.  Button that jacket, dude.
  • Nexus vs Kane/Show:  Not a fan of champs dropping non-title matches.  I guess they were trying to create some intrigue for Over the Limit, but this does nothing for me.
That's about all I have for thoughts on RAW this week.  It was solid, not spectacular.

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