Thursday, May 19, 2011

Randy Orton: Nice Guy Fan arrested at Randy Orton's hometown autograph signing

I found this interesting today.  I think it's because of some of the stories I've heard about Orton having maturity issues as he rose through the ranks, but I figured he'd be kind of a "prickly" guy.  According to this guy at a signing in Randy's hometown though, he treated the fans like a million bucks.
Right after I got to take a picture with him and get an autograph, Randy was asked if he wanted the line cut off but he said that he would stay as long as people wanted to meet him, including the people who didn't have a ticket or movie.
I completely understand that the public demands put on celebrities is a tough thing.  That's why it's so great when you hear stories like this where a celebrity treats people well.

Good job Randy.