Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Impact Wrestling

According to Jason Powell in this article...could be spoilery for the May 12th TNA show so rest of article is after the jump

Additional info from Jason Powell added after the jump as well.

...TNA has rebranded their Thursday night show as "Impact Wrestling."  This was apparently announced at the tapings last night.  Rumors have swirled that the promotion itself would change its name, but as of now it's just the Thursday night show. 

I think rebranding the product is an excellent idea.  Eventually, they need to ditch the silly "TNA" name altogether though.  It is important to note that unless there is a better creative direction coming with this change, this rebranding won't have the

It's a good first step for this promotion, but I do hope that more radical changes are coming especially in the creative department.

Here's full spoilers of the 5-12-2011 show from Lords of if you'd like to see the storyline reason for the change.

Jason Powell reports that TNA is being dropped altogether per Hulk Hogan.