Friday, May 13, 2011

Impact Wrestling Revealed

Wrestling Matters Here? We'll see

I discussed this back when it was spoiler material, but Impact Wrestling is upon us.  How do I feel about it?  Well, I think the TNA name is really freaking stupid so I'm glad that may be completely on the way out.  OTOH, if the promotion is still a chaotic, overbooked mess then I don't care what it is called, it will still "absolutely suck."*  If, however, there is a real change in creative direction that leads to a simpler, more wrestling oriented product this could be a fantastic move.  I have my doubts.  I don't think it will happen, but we will see. 

Thanks to A1 Poster and Podcaster, Zandrax for posting Zandrax for posting those pics last night.  If you want to jump in the discussion head to or leave a comment below.

Here's another one specifically related to the storyline reason for the name change.

*Thanks to The Rock!

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