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Guest Blogger: A1 Podcast Draft

Today South Atlanta Wrestling has its first Guest Blogger (GB), Norko aka A1's SupTool aka The Icon.  Norko and I share a lot of interests, but he will give you a different perspective here as well. 

When we decided to do a draft for Episode 26 of the A1 Podcast, I immediately had an idea in mind for
who I wanted to take as my number one pick in the draft. Unfortunately, when the time came up to draw
names, I drew third. Unfortunately for me, my fellow panelist Zandrax drew number one, and took the pick I wanted to get, AJ Styles. However, luckily for me, Murphy's Law took the Miz with the number two pick.  Which led to me, in which I drafted. Without further ado, here's my draft and why I went with who I went with.

1. CM Punk

He was going to be my number two pick, but for obvious reasons listed above, moved up to my number one pick. He was neck and neck with AJ, having the edge on AJ in the promo abilities and vice versa in
regards to wrestling ability. But in my promotion, he is definitely a guy to build around, whether it's
as a face or heel. But more so as a heel.

2. James Storm
I knew with this pick, I was going pretty controversial. Why this pick so high? Because I believe that
in the last few years he's been the best tag-team wrestler in the world. He's been so good with both
Chris Harris and Robert Roode. And in my promotion, tag-teams will be featured prominently. I miss the days when it was possible a big time tag-team feud could main event a show just as much as a big time singles match.

3. Robert Roode
I'm not that big of a fan of his, but why not reunite Beer Money? Have the best tag-team in the world right now in my organization. This was simply one of those picks that wasn't sexy, but it filled a need.

4. Gunner/Phil Shatter
This guy has not been in the big leagues very long. With this pick I went with upside here. He's a relatively young guy, has not been in the business very long, but has a unique look about him and he has a great ability, that I believe will only get better in time. The only problem is the name in TNA. Gunner?? Really?? Just go with Phil Shatter, or even simply Shatter. It's a name that just screams star.

5. Chris Hero
I chose this guy next because this guy is long overdue for a shot at the big time. He came up along with CM Punk in IWA Mid-South. The biggest reason this guy hasn't been given a shot is because of his "look". Well, since then, he's worked on it, and is now ready for a shot.

6. Kory Chavis/Rainman
The Soul Assassin has been tearing it up nationwide as a member of the Dark City Fight Club with Jon Davis. What many don't know is he's been tearing it up before that as a member of Blackout with Murder-One. And in-between stints as a member of those teams, he was also an accomplished singles wrestler. Plus the potential of having a play-by-play man like Dan Wilson call his finisher, The SPINNNNEEEEEEE-SPLITTTTAHHHHHHHHH!

7. Kofi Kingston
A guy who I felt has not got a break the last few months. It seems like he's been on the downside, but that's a case of booking and not his abilities. This guy is over, is a classic babyface with that million dollar smile that pulls in the kids.

8. Eddie Kingston
No relation of Kofi, is probably best known for his feud with Chris Hero. While his actual wrestling abilities may not be worth of a top 10 draft pick, his promo abilities. It's hard to find, but look for his original "Last of a Dying Breed" promo that he cut on John Zandig or his promo on Ring of Honor. You'll see why this guy is major league!

9. Madison Rayne
Later on in the draft it got harder to decide who to choose so when my fellow panelist Prime selected Mickie James as his pick, it got me thinking if I did have a women's division, who would I pick. I picked Rayne because, prior to her 30 second loss to James at the most recent TNA PPV, she has been tearing it up as the Knockout's Champion.

10. Jeff G. Bailey
Probably the one guy people will be wondering who? Well, in our modern wrestling business, what's missing is a good manager. A manager who brings the attention to himself, but not at the expense of the people he/she manages. Jeff G. Bailey is that guy. He plays the agent/attorney to a T, but where he really excels is when you get the psychotic manager.  It's been said if Paul E. Dangerously and Jim Cornette mated, they'd come out with this guy. Here's some promos that just show how great he is.

Vids and conclusion after the jump...

With that, I feel that I drafted a good group to build an organization around. It would have an old school Jim Crockett promotion’s feel with a more respect in regards to tag-teams and managers but with a modern twist with having a good female division.

NWAElite and HomeTeam790

Here's South Atlanta Wrestling (SupTool and FreebirdSTF) at WrestleMania 27 in Atlanta, GA.

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