Thursday, May 5, 2011

FFA: Coca-Cola

"The Nectar of the Gods"
"Sex in a Can"

These are just a few ways we've described Coca-Cola or Coke in our house.  To say we are Coke fanatics would be an understatement.  As a Southern Man, I love sweet tea.  I've grown fond of a good ol' 7 and 7.  I'd even consider myself a coffee addict (I'm working on a cup of black coffee now even), but Coke is absolutely the King of Beverages.

Now, I love Coke, but my dad (who you will get to know as GW) takes that love to a whole different level.  When New Coke was introduced and original Coke was taken of the market my dad said "he had no reason to live."  Never mind the fact that he had an eight year old son and two year old daughter.  That's how important that drink was to him.  Of course, he was kidding or at least I hope he was.  I'll ask him, but doubt I'll get a straight answer....

All that being said, let me give you some advice.  The best ways to enjoy Coca-Cola are as follows:
  • Fountain drinks:  Moe's Southwest Grill, Captain D's, Wendy's, Atlanta Bread Company (ABC) and Great American Cookie Company have some really good Coke.  I like Coke from McDonald's too, but it tastes so unique it's almost not even Coke.  (GW doesn't like it for instance).
  • Home:  I prefer an ice cold can poured over ice.  What about 2 liters?  They suck, that's what's about them.  They especially suck if you don't store them in the fridge.
  • Ice cream:  GW came up with this creation he calls "Concoction."  Basically, it's Chocolate Almond ice cream, Vanilla ice cream and Coke.  It has to be put together in a very specific way and even eaten in a very specific way, but it's an incredible treat.
As Forrest Gump would say, "That's all I got to say about that."  I do love me some Coca-Cola though.

Lastly, I will soon debut "GW's Flashbacks" where you will get some wrestling opinions from the man most responsible for making me a fan.  Be on the lookout for that over the next few weeks.

Photo credit:  P.O. Kerala blog