Tuesday, May 31, 2011

FFA: Atlanta Thrashers leave town

I can't say that this "matters" much to me except for the fact that it's another opportunity for people to pile on the city of Atlanta. Fact it, the Thrashers were setup to fail once Atlanta Spirit Group (ASG) purchased them. They were part of the deal to buy Philips Arena and the Atlanta Hawks. ASG wanted to unload them from Day 1 despite public comments to the contrary. I believe hockey could have worked here, but not as it was constituted. The Thrashers had early support and squandered that with an 11 year run that contained one playoff appearance (a sweep at that). Beyond that, you had issues such as the tragic Heatley/Snyder deal and all quality talent being traded.

Fact is, it was a mess. An absolute, unmitigated mess and I don't blame fans from staying away from Philips Arena.

Anyhow, I'm happy for the town of Winnipeg. I hope under proper ownership the former Atlanta Thrashers can find some success.

Photo Credit: ESPN.com