Tuesday, April 26, 2011

WWE RAW Review 4-25-2011

Here's some thoughts on last night's RAW.

Secondary Champs (IC/US) lose:  Stupid, stupid, stupid.  If you're going to job those guys then you either don't strap them or you ditch the titles altogether.  I'll never understand this.

Cold Open Battle Royal:  It's the typical deal where each group of wrestlers wears their show's shirt.  There were a couple of cool spots, a couple of awkward spots and Kofi and Big Show won for SmackDown.

R-Truth/John Morrison:  I would have saved Morrison getting his payback for later.  R-Truth tooling on the crowd was great.  Really enjoyable promo from Truth.

Kharma vignette:  Another excellent vignette for the former Awesome/Amazing Kong.  As an aside, this new (old?) model of running vignettes to introduce a new character is a great idea.  WWE's production team, as always, did a solid job.

Cole/JR/Lawler/Swagger:  This needs to die.  They had a great thing going into WM 27 and it should have ended there.  It didn't and now we get more of this stupidity every week.  Cole is getting legit "go away heat" from *this guy* at this point.  I'll give the character a chance once he transitions to something else.  I do think he needs to be a full-time manager and out of the booth now.

Punk/Orton:  The verbal exchange you'd expect from these too.  Nothing as good as, "You want to put me in a rehab center, I'm going to put you in the ground," but fun nonetheless.

Now, on to the main thing, the WWE Draft 2011 (listed in no particular order)*:
  • Cena to SD
  • Rey to RAW
  • Orton to SD
  • Sin Cara to SD
  • Mark Henry to SD
  • Big Show to RAW
  • Alberto del Rio to RAW
  • Cena back to RAW
*Not sure why the order should matter fwiw.

We got a Mark Henry heel turn which was sorely needed, but then they immediately screw that up with having Cena standing tall after getting punked by his partner.  They compounded the stupidity by having Cena drafted back to RAW.  I see no logical reason that wrestlers should be drafted twice in one night.  It's idiotic.  I don't care what show Cena's on (although I wish it was one I didn't watch, does Chikara have a show?**), but drafting him twice in one night is ridiculous. 

I do hope that in WWE Draft 2012, they just draft the same guy back and forth between brands until the night is over.  That would be kind of amusing. 

As for the rest of it, ADR and Orton swapping shows is a good idea.  The IWC has been calling for Cara on SD since he started botching moves (his first match).  Rey to RAW is kind of odd to me as they tried that unsuccessfully before.  I'm a huge Big Show fan, but he doesn't exactly move the meter.  We'll see how the rest of the Draft goes on WWE.com later today. 

Anyhow, I thought this was a disappointing RAW.

**Just trolling The Wrestling Blog's TH.