Tuesday, April 19, 2011

WWE Raw Review 4-18-2011

I didn't have high hopes for RAW last night.  I'm glad that was the case or else I'd be very disappointed.  Honestly, everything fell pretty flat for me.

Here's a rundown of notable things from last night's RAW:
  • R-Truth/Morrison: I thought they did a good job giving Truth motivation to put his spot on the line last night.  The post-match thing was brutal, but went on too long.  Truth smoking on camera?  Simply bizarre.  Maybe Morrison's not in the dog house after all.
  • Cole and Swagger/King and JR: This needs to die already.  This entire feud needed to be paid off at WrestleMania and yet here we are.  If Swagger gets a solid run out of this, I'll be happy.  I am growing tired of this angle though.
  • Cena and Sin Cara/Miz and A-Ry: Cool to see Sin Cara rubbing shoulders with Cena.  I loved the Miz bailing on A-Ry as usual.
  • Orton/Punk: It's a good think Punk doesn't need to win because he certainly doesn't a whole lot.  Don't know why WWE insists on booking Cena and Orton this way, but I'm really tired of it.
All-in-all, this was a big letdown.  The only excitement for me is that the WWE Draft is back next week.  Hopefully that will shake things up in a positive way in this WrestleMania Hangover period.