Tuesday, April 12, 2011

WWE RAW Review 4-11-2011

So-so episode of RAW with a really fantastic, emotional moment.  I didn't mind the opening segment simply because WWE doesn't rely on that "guy interrupts guy interrupts guy" style too much.  It was a simple way to setup the main event for the evening and honestly I was glad we didn't just launch straight back into Miz/Cena.

Didn't care for the APPLE/Corre stuff, but whatever.  It is what it is.  Kind of surprised to see Daniel Bryant brought into it as well as Mark Henry (to a lesser extent).

I got a kick out of Eve asking the ref to mark the Bella Twins.  Other than that I don't care enough about the Divas to care about her impending heel turn.  I will say that the backstage segment was poor acted and really awkward.

Really, what set this RAW apart was the sudden and shocking retirement of the Rated-R Superstar.  I already covered that though so all I'll add was the scene after the commercial break was really classy.

The main event was interesting.  I'm all for getting more guys involved.  Rumor has it John Morrison may have gotten better treatment had he not been in the WWE Doghouse.  I have no real issue with Truth getting a bit of a rub here and the crowd at least seemed to embrace it.  I hate Cena's character more than just about anything in wrestling right now.  They need to seriously reconsider the entire Cena package.  That crowd was really conflicted and he's supposedly their top face.  Sad...


I forgot about the Lawler/Cole/Swagger/JR thing.  I think the match idea is stupid.  If Swagger gets a push after all this then I'll be happy though.

Anyhow, mediocre RAW that was salvaged by the real world supplying some legit emotion/passion/drama.