Saturday, April 23, 2011

SAW's 2011 TWB Draft UFAs

After I drafted a phenomenal roster, I got the opportunity to pick 10 more undrafted free agents (UFAs). 

Here they are with brief explanations:
  • Ron Simmons: A personal favorite and the first African-American World Champ.
  •  Sid Vicious: Since I had Andre, I shied away from true monsters. Sid was a value pick.
  • Al Snow: Another versatile, personal favorite. Crazy Al talking to Head? Brilliant.
  • Bad News Brown: Rough and tumble, bad ass. Fits my fed perfectly.
  • Ole Anderson: Tough old bastard, original Horsemen. Tag team specialist.
  • Kofi Kingston: Wanted at least one more high flyer to spar with AJ. Unconventional offense.
  • Andy Kaufman: An instigator to go with Jeff G. Bailey, genius.
  • One Man Gang: Monster for Jake's Pitt or bodyguard type for Bailey.
  • Ivan Koloff: That gives me the Russians for my tag division.
  • Warlord: Already have Faces of Fear. This gives me the Powers of Pain as well. 
I do have some misgivings here which I will post later, but I am thrilled with my roster overall.  I don't do fantasy booking, but I do intend to at least give you some idea of stables, feuds and heel/face alignment for the SAW fed in the future.