Friday, April 15, 2011

FFA: The Beatles

It's time for our first Free For All (FFA).  I thought long and hard about who or what deserved to be SAW's first non-wrestling blog post.  I had quite a list: Superman, Andre Dawson, Alabama Crimson Tide, Atlanta Falcons, etc.  After some thought, I settled on the Beatles.

This band could do it all.  Not only could they do it all, they did it all.  Such a great catalogue of great music along with such diverse sounds makes them the greatest band that ever lived in my opinion.

Here's one of my favorites thanks to twilly23 for posting this.

We danced to this cover of "In My Life" at our wedding.  We were married 40 years to the day after the piano bit was recorded.  Thanks to TheLawyer for the upload.