Tuesday, April 26, 2011

CM Punk: Contract expiring, leaving WWE?

You may know that I think CM Punk is The Best, but it seems that maybe he's not long for WWE at this point.

CM Punk leaving WWE?  Allegedly it may happen.  I caught this ProWrestling.net article about it today.  Crediting Mike Johnson of PWInsider.com, they claim that Punk has "balked at the long term deal the company has offered."

If true, this would be quite the blow for WWE.  Why exactly is Punk looking to leave?  There have been a few things floated out there:
  • Burned out from the "hectic" WWE lifestyle
  • Dissatisfied with his push and/or treatment in the company
Both of these things sound completely believable to me.  For one, I have no idea how these guys do it night in and night out like they do.  As for number two, Punk generates a ton of heat, but seems to be an afterthought in some regards.  Specifically, there is some speculation that he may not appreciate the pushes that ADR and Miz get while he does fantastic work as a heel and is "just there."

I completely believe that Punk is ready for a change.  If he does leave at the end of his contract I hope he quickly recharges his batteries and comes back to WWE.  This guy is far too talented not to be doing his thing at the highest level.