Friday, April 22, 2011

2011 TWB Draft -- South Atlanta Wrestling (SAW) Roster

Here's the SAW roster. This was my thought process on each member of my roster.

Jake "The Snake" Roberts--Wanted a versatile talent at number one. I see Jake as a guy the fans want to root for, but in SAW he'd mostly be the maniacal leader of a demented stable known as "The Pitt." That stable will be rounded out later.

Hulk Hogan--Needed a superstar babyface. Hogan was still there at the ninth pick so it was a no-brainer.

Andre the Giant--Another easy pick. You've got The 8th Wonder of the World and the main event at WrestleMania III staring you in the face? You take it. Andre would be my "attraction."

Randy Orton--Ruthless, cold calculating. I could see some fun interplay with Orton and Jake.

Fabulous Freebirds (Hayes and Gordy)--You've got a promotion called South Atlanta Wrestling and you don't try to get the Freebirds? Insanity. I now realize I missed an opportunity in the UFA to get Buddy Jack Roberts and Jimmy "Jam" Garvin. Dang...

Stan Hansen/Bruiser Brody--Big fan of both of these guys. You need some rough and tumble dudes who don't give a crap. That's what I got in Brody and Hansen.

Magnum TA--Tons of charisma, could talk and could work. Would be a legend had he not been injured. He would jockey for position as number one face with Hogan. They'd be allies on and off as well and both have great disdain for Mr. Roberts (when he's a heel).

AJ Styles--High flyer, Georgia native, makes sense. Wanted someone who could do things that would WOW! a crowd.

DDP--Can he be a bit goofy? Absolutely, but the crowd loves this guy. He was always presented as a smart guy and he worked well as a face. Magnum and Hogan call on him to battle The Pitt when needed.

Lex Luger--Versatile guy. Can be a smarmy heel or an ass-kicking face. Would probably be both in SAW.

Junkyard Dog--Crowds can't get enough JYD.

Kamala--A unique looking member of The Pitt.

Sheamus--All the physical attributes, unique, cuts a good promo.

Barry Windham--Can flat out go in the ring. Works well as a heel or a face. He's get a run with the SAW World Heavyweight belt, but he'd also do the tag thing and dominate a secondary strap (US or TV belt) as needed. Great utility man who could be THE man if needed.

Abdullah the Butcher--Hardcore attraction, lives in the Atlanta area.

Big Bossman--Another local star. Could do the 80's "Hard Times" gimmick or something along the lines of Big Bubba the Bodyguard. Plays heel or face well.

Paul Orndorff--Has a great look. Would mostly be used as a cocky heel. This is the guy who turns face for a bit then punks out his buddy (Hogan, Magnum, DDP, JYD) big time. Manages to the crowd back on his side at some point and does it all over again.

Nick Bockwinkel--Old school, mat technician type. Great heel with all the Los Angeles, CA billing and look in an Southern wrestling fed. May surround himself with guys like Orndorff and Luger.

Nikita Koloff--Absolute beast. More worried about destroying opponents than winning matches or titles.

Kerry Von Erich--Charismatic, could be in the mix at the top of the card. Tremendous physical tools. Also, missing a foot :-(

Faces of Fear (Meng and Barbarian)--Another rough and tumble team, frequently aligned with The Pitt. Enjoys inflicting pain.

Larry Zbyszko--Heel all the way. More of a talker than wrestler. Would be used in that pseudo-managerial role that Roddy Piper was back in the days when he was hanging around with Orndorff and Bob "Ace" Orton Jr.

Almost forgot, we did a manager round and I took none other than Jeff G. Baily. Someone once described Bailey this way.
If Jim Cornette and Paul Heyman were cousins and mated, their offspring would be Jeff G. Bailey.