Saturday, April 23, 2011

2011 TWB Draft Analysis....

TH has posted his 2011 TWB Draft Recap, Analysis and Other Stuff over at The Wrestling Blog.

After reading his comments it got me thinking about some things I wish I had done differently.  Here they are:

  • The Rock vs Hogan: I despise Hulk Hogan, but when I saw him sitting there at 8 or 9. I snapped him up.  I wanted the biggest babyface/anchor for SAW that was available.  That was my plan.  Did I screw up though? I love the Rock, he's just as over as Hogan, he became an even bigger star than Hogan outside of wrestling.  I could have stayed away from a guy I can't stand (Hogan) and brought over one of my favorites.  Not only is Rock one of my favorites, he's arguably the GOAT.  I will say, that the fact I have Andre and Hogan on the same roster makes me feel pretty good about my decision.  I still feel a bit...dirty for passing on The Great One.
  • Randy Orton: I'm high on Orton. I think he's a franchise player. His face run has been a bit underwhelming.  In his defense though, I believe his problem is similar to Cena's.  What I mean by that is it's the way WWE Creative chooses to push these guys that is the issue, not their talents.  Why does this pick bother me?  Well it's simple, Kurt Angle went at 28, Triple H at 29 and most importantly STING went at 30.  I should've gone Sting here is what I'm saying.
  • Jack Swagger: I took Sheamus and I have no issue with that pick.  Actually, I have some issue with that pick as I completely blanked on Jack Swagger.  I could have gotten him with an UFA and completely forgot about this guy.  Swagger is a potential franchise player and one of my favorites.  I dropped the ball and whiffed on him.  This one really annoys me.  TH picked him up as an UFA and I think he got tremendous value there.
  • Fabulous Freebirds: How am I disappointed with picking the Freebirds? I'm not, but here's where I screwed up.  Did you see my post with my UFAs?  Did you see two names that weren't there?  Yep, Jimmy "Jam" Garvin and Buddy Jack Roberts.  I could have all four Freebirds on SAW's roster, but neglecting to pick them up.  That's a bad job by me.  Bad, bad job by me.
Anyhow, I'm pleased with my roster, but those minor issues irritate me.  Let me know what you think.  Also, swing by TH's The Wrestling Blog and vote for who has the best roster.