Wednesday, October 7, 2015

WrestlingFigs: Ringside Fest 12 Prototype Images posted two galleries of prototype pictures from Ringside Fest 12.  All of this was already shown, but this gives you a better look at what they posted the other day.

I covered their initial Ringside Fest 12 coverage on SAW as well.
Not entirely accurate, but in general Part 1 focuses more on NXT and current WWE Superstars and Part 2 has a bigger focus on WWE Legends.

Great pics, great figs, and does a great job covering all of it.  

WWE 2K16 DLC Revealed

2K has announced DLC content for WWE 2K16 and I believe some of this will please a lot of people.  There were some really surprising inclusions here that I am glad we are getting. 

The full information is contained in that link above so I'm going to highlight some things here that particularly interest me.
  • Accelerator
    • Instant access to all unlockable content which I love, I hate having to unlock part of the roster.
    • $1.99 
  • Legends Pack
    • WWE Legends
      • Big Boss Man
      • Dusty Rhodes (YES!)
      • Lita
      • Mr. Perfect
      • "Rowdy" Roddy Piper (he's been missing from this series far too long)
      • Trish Stratus 
    • $9.99
  •  2015 Hall of Fame Showcase
    • "Macho Man" Randy Savage vs Jake "The Snake" Roberts
    • Rikishi vs The Rock
    • Alundra Blayze vs Paige
    • Larry Zbyszko vs Arn Anderson (loved them as The Enforcers, glad to see Larry Z debut here finally)
    • Tatsumi Fujinami vs "Nature Boy" Ric Flair
    • The Bushwhackers vs The Natural Disasters
    • The Outsiders vs Harlem Heat (some more WCW love!)
    • $9.99
  • New Moves Pack
    • 30 moves
    • $3.99
  • Future Stars Pack
    • NXT Superstars
      • Samoa Joe (!)
      • Diego
      • Fernando
      • Blake
      • Murphy 
  •  MyPlayer Kickstart (PS4/Xbox One Exclusive)
    • Instant access to boost created Superstar ratings and attributes in MyCareer
    • $9.99
This section may be the most critical aspect especially after you read about all the quality content being offered here.  The WWE 2K16 Season Pass is available again this year and this is what you get for $24.99.
  • Accelerator
  • Legends Pack
  • 2015 Hall of Fame Showcase
  • New Moves Pack
  • Future Stars Pack 
The release itself also talks about the Digital Deluxe Editions as well as information about which moves are included in the New Moves Pack.  I am typically satisfied with the content that THQ and now 2K give us and this year is no different.  As I mentioned in the open here I am really pleased with some of the inclusions like Zbyszko, Piper, Dusty, and Harlem Heat.  They should all make for a great WWE game this year.  Here's the official roster as well minus today's announcements.

WWE 2K16 looks poised to deliver and I certainly hope it does.  That is one heck of a roster and the DLC just added some more sizzle to it.  

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Ringside Fest 12 (2015)

More quality figures coming from Mattel have been unveiled at Ringside Fest 12.  I saw them at who has their gallery up.  I will highlight the ones I am most looking forward to below.
There's other quality stuff there, but that's what really moved the needle for me.  Check out the gallery and scroll through and see what else may be of interest to you.

Friday, October 2, 2015

The Ratings Discussion Surrounding Raw

While Raw's ratings have fallen the discussion about them has increased. This has rekindled the old discussion about the importance of ratings as it relates to the show. I had some thoughts on this discussion and shared them on Twitter last night @S_ATL_Wrestling.

Basically, while I agree it should be kept in perspective I don't think that ratings discussion is completely without merit. Ultimately, I think it comes down to a preference things. If tracking/analyzing the ratings appeals to you then go for it. If not, ignore it. People would be a lot happier on social media and life if they could do a better job ignoring that which doesn't matter to them.

That's my opinion at least.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Ryback Cameo on

For whatever reason I often find myself looking at the "selfies of the week" feature on  This week's included a shot of none other than WWE's Ryback.

Photo Credit:
The photo was accompanied by the caption, "A pro wrestling fan tries to get a selfie with WWE superstar Ryback during an event in Syracuse, New York, on Sunday, September 27."

There's usually some interesting ones with different celebrities, political figures, etc. either taking selfies with fans or some that are just grabbed from their social media accounts.  This is the first time I remember seeing a wrestler in one although I'm guessing The Rock has appeared before.  I just don't specifically remember.  John Cena may have cropped up at least once as well.  Also, this is a pretty cool photo in general if you ask me.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Raw Review: September 28, 2015: Kane's HR Evaluation

Last night was an odd episode of Raw that focused on Corporate Kane's HR evaluation.  Looking around online it appears that the show was not highly regarded, but I enjoyed a lot of what I saw.  Admittedly, I did not see all of Raw as I was dealing with some other things, but here's what I thought about what I did see.

  • Main Event: Roman Reigns vs Bray Wyatt--Match started a bit slow, but that crowd was amped for it after the DCO finish.  I am a big fan of both guys so I was glad to see them get the arena rocking like that.  The one thing that hurt it IMHO was that I was certain that Strowman/Harper/Ambrose/Orton were going to show up at some point.  I also thought that Ambrose was going to turn on Reigns as well.  I was shocked when the show ended without anyone else getting involved.  The leap over the barricade, and Spear by Reigns through the announce table were really cool as was Wyatt's shoulder block thing through the timekeeper area.  Wyatt throwing an AV tech or whatever at Reigns was pretty good too.  
  • Kane's HR Evaluation--The gag still amuses me and I think Rollins has been entertaining playing off of Kane.  I did not see Rollins going after Kane like that coming at all.  I would have broke this whole deal in two parts personally, but while it was campy I didn't mind Corporate Kane morphing into Demon Kane in the ambulance at all. 
  • U.S. Open Challenge:  John Cena vs Xavier Woods--Fun match and fun reveal.  I was hoping that after Kofi and Big E got sent to the back that Big E would return in a mask to cost Cena the strap.  They went for the obvious DQ which I didn't love, but I liked how they transitioned to the next match...
  • New Day Six-Man Tag--Big win for New Day there.  I'm a huge fan of the Dudleyz so I liked this better than most I'm guessing. 
  • Harper/Strowman vs Prime Time Players--Interesting seeing the two Wyatt Family members without Bray who did mention their match later that night.  Kind of surprised that Strowman put out Titus.  Great way to continue to build them as monsters.
  • Divas Revolution/MizTV--Hated how Paige teamed with Charlotte and Becky.  Hated it even more when Paige predictably walked out after a "misunderstanding."  Glad to see Natalya in the mix though.  
  • Notable Omissions--I saw the end of Heyman/Big Show's promo, but not enough to have an opinion about it.  Anything else that wasn't mentioned I did not see or it made no lasting impression on me.  
Thought it was a decent, not great show.  Glad Reigns and Wyatt got the main event slot, found Rollins, Kane, and New Day to be wildly entertaining.  That doesn't surprise me at all aside from Kane who is doing solid work right now and will probably continue to so at least in the short term.  

Monday, September 28, 2015

Hornswoggle SUSPENDED!

That's right, Dylan Postl AKA Hornswoggle has been suspended 30 days for violating WWE's Wellness Policy.

I don't know why this amused me, but it did. I saw it at

As an aside, my son shares a birthday with Jake "The Snake" Roberts.  My birthday buddy is none other than...Hornswoggle.

#WompWomp's Raw Five-Point Preview: Sept. 28, 2015

Much like Corporate Kane and Demon Kane have returned so has South Atlanta Wrestling's look at the Raw Five-Point Preview.  Let's take a look at the stories they are setting up for tonight's Raw.
  1. This man, this monster--Much like Big Show who will be mentioned later, I am ready to see Kane retire.  I want to see him enter the WWE Hall of Fame and get his kudos there, but I am pretty tired of him on WWE programming.  What is interesting about his return is that in the short-term I think it is actually pretty entertaining.  Much like I will say about Big Show down the page, it can't go on for long, but in the short-term Kane is making this really entertaining and that kind of impresses me. 
  2. What’s next for the Divas Revolution?--This appears to be primarily about Natalya and Paige which is fine with me.  I like that we have finally shaken up the Divas Revolution from its initial format and adding a talent like Natalya to the mix is a good step in that direction as well. 
  3. Snake in the swamp--I like the addition of Randy Orton to this Reigns/Ambrose vs Wyatt Family feud.  He's the type of guy that makes sense to be the third man as opposed to corny, lift-wearing Chris Jericho.  It seems like someone is going to turn eventually and I am opposed to seeing Ambrose and Reigns ever split.  Maybe Randy Orton will be the guy to turn at some point and give Ambrose something to do without turning him on Reigns.  That would free up Reigns to hopefully challenge Rollins down the road as well.  To be clear, I don't necessarily want Ambrose and Reigns to remain a unit.  I'm fine with them drifting apart and coming back together when it makes sense to do so.  I just don't think that we need a Reigns vs Ambrose program.  Let them stay together and be a Ric and Arn type deal.
  4. Who will challenge John Cena for the U.S. Title?--One reason I did not really want to see John Cena regain the U.S. Title was because we have kind of done it all with him and the US Open Challenge.  That said, it keeps him away from the big prize and he'll continue to have entertaining matches with quality opponents.  Eventually something awesome will happen whether it is a surprise challenger or just a special match so I will open my mind up for this one and hopefully WWE and John Cena delivers.
  5. Brutality before The Beast--Obviously they are continuing to build Big Show ahead of his WWE Network special appearance from MSG against Brock Lesnar.  What I thought most interesting here is how they put Cesaro over as "one of WWE’s most physically dominant Superstars." That's true of course and I'm glad to see them mention it even if it is only to put over Big Show.  I am also glad that this MSG show is coming up this Saturday so we won't have a long Big Show build ahead of us. 
Honestly, I watch Raw every week no matter what so you know I will be there. I am hoping that we are close to shaking some things up again and that we won't spin our wheels until Royal Rumble season though. Even so there some interesting things going on right now so I won't complain too much. Hopefully tonight's show is solid at least. We will see.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Mattel's WWE Elite 39 Pictures

I already shared the lineup and my thoughts on it, but now there are pictures.  So I have a couple of more thoughts now.  Mainly, that Sycho Sid figure really delivers and I am far more interested in that Sting figure now that I see it's modern-day Sting

Here's the lineup again for easy reference:
  • British Bulldog
  • Damien Sandow
  • Dolph Ziggler
  • Godfather
  • Sting
  • Sycho Sid 
Here's the Ringside Collectibles shot of all the figures in one photoHere's the link to buy if you want to go through them instead of the thrill of the hunt. 

Legends with JBL: Eric Bischoff - Part 1

Had to take a day off from work to take care of a sick child.  With that time I took the opportunity to watch the debut episode of "Legends with JBL" on the WWE Network.  I must say I was really impressed.  It helped that his first guess was Eric Bischoff.  While it's not like we've never heard Eric's side of the story it was interesting to hear straight from the man himself again since so much of what we know or think we know about him is from other sources.  As for JBL, I really like the guy aside from some of the things he alleged hazing we've all heard about and while he's not polished in the role of interviewer, I thought he did a really good job.

I did not realize this was a two-parter, but I'm glad it was.  As the time was winding down I realized we had a lot of ground left to cover.  Part 1 mostly focused on how he got into the business, his rise to power in WCW, the tremendous turnaround WCW saw under his guidance, and the beginning of the acrimony between him and AOL-Time Warner.  Of note, the Bret Hart quote from the commercial must be in Part 2 of his interview because they did not discuss The Hitman here at all.  The most fascinating part for me specifically was his thoughts on "Cowboy" Bill Watts and his side of the story as it relates to Good Ol' JR's firing or release.  Bischoff is very candid throughout and admits his own failings and comes off as trustworthy to me.  I highly recommend checking this one out and am looking forward to Part 2.  

While I don't think every episode will be as interesting as these Eric Bischoff ones, I do believe that Legends with JBL has a lot of potential.  I also believe it is the perfect type of original content for the WWE Network.  I will definitely work it in to my viewing schedule. 

After initially publishing this I saw this Tweet from JBL which I thought should be shared as well: