Saturday, July 4, 2015

A Fanmade WCW Lonely Road of Faith Video

Thanks to the folks over at WCMB, I saw this fanmade WCW Lonely Road of Faith video.  It is obviously patterned after the one WWE did during their nWo invasion angle.  That one is widely regarded as one of the great wrestling videos (I know it's my favorite probably) and this one is really good as well.

Upload Credit: Tri.Moon

Friday, July 3, 2015

Jeff Hardy vs Sting at TNA Victory Road 2011 and TNA's Current State

As TNA continues to apparently circle the drain you've seen and heard more outlandish things coming from representatives of that company such as Dixie Carter, Bob Ryder, etc.  While I understand the self-preservation aspect of why these guys act the way they do I think it's pretty hilarious the outcry towards anyone who suggests TNA "deserves to die."  I mean, if you don't get the job done then you don't make it in pro-wrestling or any other industry really.  That's just the way it is.  I'll hate for the people put out of work, but the idea that we should support your garbage promotion simply because it exists is laughable. 

Anyhow, this to the Sting vs Jeff Hardy debacle at TNA Victory Road in 2011 which crossed my mind due to this Wrestlecrap entry.  Bryan Alvarez had this to say about it which I grabbed from the aforementioned article.  Aside from the language this is about exactly how I feel about TNA in what could be it's dying days.
Ideally everyone in the world would be employed, preferably in something they enjoyed doing, but for the love of God this company needs to die. Just die, Dixie can go back to being the friendly receptionist at Panda Headquarters in Texas, and if fate is such that there must be a “number-two” wrestling company in America, someone with a fucking brain will come by and pick up the pieces. And hopefully they can do it without rehiring everyone responsible for this Titanic of a company, unlike the current moronic braintrust who hired everyone responsible for killing WCW almost exactly ten years ago to the day. Over the years I have gotten one angry letter after another from the TNA diehards, trying to defend the utter bullshit nonsense that is Impact and the stupid decisions Dixie and her goofy crew make. This is what happens when you blindly support bullshit. You get this show, a show destined to be an entire chapter in a book someday.”
Not much to add to that, but this incident four years ago speaks to the mentality of the folks running that promotion.  The fact that things have only gotten worse since then tells you all you need to know. 

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Horsemen Break Dusty's Arm

After Dad and I worked on a little project at my house we watched a couple of YouTube videos on the PS3.  We were kind of hitting some of the greatest hits from the 80s such as Dusty/Magnum/Tully and The Baseball Bat Incident.  That led us to this gem right here.

Now I'm really not one of those, "Everything was better back when" wrestling fans, but this is the kind of stuff that I think is often lacking. This comes across as so genuine and while it is over-the-top it doesn't come across as if it's not serious. Compare that to the silly crumbling cinder blocks that have been around since at least the early to mid 2000's for example.

Anyhow, this was another indelible wrestling memory from my childhood.  If you haven't seen it then it's time to watch it now.  "MAKE IT GOOD!"

Upload Credit: koufy

Monday, June 29, 2015

Chris Von Erich Sings "My Dad Can Whip Your Dad" in 1984

Had no idea this existed and always figured Glen Goza's "R-A-S-S-L-I-N" was the most bizarre song to come out of Texas/World Class Championship Wrestling.  It appears I may be mistaken as Chris Von Erich singing about his dad whipping your dad exists. I know this thanks to this thread on WCMB.

Upload Credit: Lori Collier

Raw Preview: 6-29-2015

My look at the Raw Five-Point Preview from returns today as I am off work.  What is WWE focusing on for tonight?  Let's see.
  1.  Is Rollins unstoppable with The Authority back on his side?--Some have asked why The Authority would rally around Rollins since they brought Lesnar back.  The way I figure it is they wanted to punish Rollins and make sure he knew his role as in he realized he needed The Authority, but they have no interest in dealing with Lesnar as champ.  Why?  They can't control him. 
  2. Should Ryback fear Big Show (and The Miz)?--Can't lie and act like this interests me a ton because it doesn't.  What I do find interesting is the idea that The Miz is presented here as a guy who might sneak out with the strap while Ryback and Big Show square off.  It wouldn't surprise me honestly and I think Miz has been an entertaining heel since his return.
  3. Has Bray Wyatt thrown Roman Reigns off his game?--This one interests me because I like both Reigns and Wyatt.  Imagine how much more interesting this would be had Wyatt not been destroyed by Cena last year and then Taker this year though.  At least The New Face of Fear has a stated purpose this time and isn't just cutting creepy promos for the sake of creepy promos.  Someone on Twitter said it looks like Wyatt is basically an extension of the Philly crowd and online folks who rejected Reigns so soundly and that's about right.
  4. What’s going on between Rusev and Summer Rae?--Summer Rae as a consolation prize again?  OK, fine.  I'm guessing this will be more about Rusev trying to make Lana jealous which won't work, but I guess this could be entertaining.  Wounded (literally and figuratively) ex-boyfriend Rusev has been about the best you can expect given his injury.
  5. Are Cena’s days as United States Champion numbered?--I'm curious if we are getting an US Open Challenge.  This seems to focus on the idea that Owens has Cena wounded and has beaten him already.  I can't see a more likely scenario than Owens taking the US Title off Cena although I have a hard time believing he will win this feud outright.  That seems to be where they are going though.
That's it, those are the issues that WWE is pushing ahead of tonight's Raw. Typically there are other things that crop up and matter during the show though. Hopefully it's a good one.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Kurt Angle Has Neck Tumor and Needs Surgery

Not sure the original source on this one although I saw it Tweeted prior to this article.

That explains why he wasn't booked for Slammiversary coming up tomorrow (Sunday, June 28th at 8:00 PM). Now there is some concern that this is just an angle to write him out based on the following:
Multiple reports from the “IMPACT WRESTLING” tapings going on Saturday night in Orlando, Florida indicate Angle cut a promo before the crowd, announcing he will be taking an absence from wrestling. Angle noted he would be required to have surgery on his neck, after doctors discovered a tumor that will need to be removed. He did not note whether the tumor was malignant or benign, or whether he knew of the prognosis at this point in time.

Some were skeptical of the announcement, as following him doing so, Eric Young attacked him, only to have Melendez make the save for Angle. Typically, this would be seen as a worked angle, as it would be a good way to get babyface responses for Melendez.
Who knows, but the article goes on to share a spoiler for his match with EC3 for the TNA World Title if you are so inclined to look at that.  It is spoiler tagged so you won't read it accidentally.

Anyhow, if this is legit I wish Kurt the speediest and fullest of recoveries.  He was an old favorite of mine, but after his issues and move to TNA I can't honestly say I've paid him much mind these last few years.  When he was in WWE and on fire though I was a huge Angle fan and really thought he had the total package.  

Friday, June 26, 2015

TNA Impact Thoughts from June 24th

Photo Credit: Impact Wrestling
This is not a full review of Wednesday's episode of Impact Wrestling.  This is some random things I recall about that show.  As someone who long ago wrote of TNA Impact as being worthy of my time, I found myself home and decided to watch based on all the rumors swirling about the episode.
  • The Jarretts returning was an interesting moment.  The commentators immediately annoyed me with their idiotic "this just broke the internet" talk though.  I often defend WWE's self-promotion when others have issues with it, but at least in their case there is some semblance of reality to it.  A kernel of truth at least.  With TNA it's just so blatantly obvious that they are lies and at best half-truths.  Anyhow, back to the topic at hand the Jarretts arrival was interesting and I thought Jeff and even Karen did one heck of a job delivering their promos.  At the very least it was something on this show that felt interesting, genuine, and important.
  • It saddens me to think how excited I used to be to see Kurt Angle versus now.  His and EC3 were pretty good together though and I think EC3 is an excellent heel.  Kurt needed to drop the "It's real! It's damn real!" catchphrase after he used it the first time though.  That's terrible.  
  • Taryn Terrell and The Dollhouse is actually a very interesting act IMHO.  This is the second time I've seen them as I happened to catch 10 minutes in an episode a couple of weeks ago.  I've liked that act both times.  The theme song, Courtney Love's "Doll Parts" really works for them too.  It adds a certain underlying creepiness for lack of a better term to the whole thing. 
  • The X-Division match was fine I thought.  I don't really "get" Grado, but he was decent out there and it seemed people liked him.  Tigre Uno has a really cool mask and I like him as X Division Champion.  Low Ki has never interested me a ton and he quit the next day anyway so whatever.
  • The Dirty Heels is a solid act.  Roode and Aries at varying times have been the best thing in TNA.  Apparently Aries is also leaving TNA which is a shame.  The match between them and The American Wolves was entertaining.  
  • Vader's return was interesting as a man that age and in that shape can be.  Back to commentary the commentators were insinuating that Bram was going to be given some latitude by the officials right as the official DQed him (LOL).  That's TNA for you.  On the bright side Vader's return gave us this ridiculousness which I grabbed from Scott (@tapemachines on Twitter).
  • Again the commentary team was embarrassing especially from the standpoint of blatantly obvious false spin.
  • Velvet Sky and Angelina Love was fine I suppose although I've never been a fan of Love and the whole "If Velvet wins she gets rehired" stipulation is beyond tired.
That's all that I really recall from the show and although I liked some of it I can't say I'm going to make a point to tune in going forward.  TNA is such a damaged brand I think they need rebrand as GFW (if that's what is possibly happening).  I must reiterate though that Karen Jarrett's promo really impressed me as odd as that sounds.  She did a great job. 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

FFA: The Atlanta Hawks Unveil New Uniforms Wednesday at 11:10 AM

I had heard that a big revamp of the Atlanta Hawks uniforms was on the horizon.  If you follow my non-wrestling Twitter feed (@mckinneydg) you may have noticed I Tweeted about it the other day.

If you go to it will take you to a full page announcement marketing the big change with a countdown timer.  An email I received confirmed that the event is at 11:10 AM and can be followed live in the following ways:
  • Hawks Mobile App
  • Local SportSouth Channel
I am cautiously optimistic about this, but truth is that I really like their current unis.  Everything I've heard said this won't be a minor revision either so I expect a major shift in their look.  They unveiled new logos a couple of weeks ago which I actually like though.  Hopefully that's a good sign for these new unis as well.

Either way, South Atlanta Wrestling will always support the Hawks and be #TRUETOATLANTA.

UPDATE: If you want them they are available on Uni Watch already via that AJC's Chris Vivlamore

Here's the direct link to Vivlamore's blog as well.  

Saturday, June 20, 2015

WWE 2K16: First Six Playable Characters Revealed

The first six roster members for WWE 2K16 have been revealed and I think everyone is going to be pretty happy with one of the inclusions.  Here they are:
  1. Bad News Barrett
  2. Daniel Bryan
  3. Dean Ambrose
  4. Finn Balor
  5. Paige
  6. Seth Rollins
While five of those are pretty much no-brainers, I think Finn Balor is the one that is the most crowd-pleasing inclusion. Since he's still down in NXT he's also the one that was most likely not to be there or to be put in a DLC pack down the road. is the source for this information.  2K's WWE Games really hasn't ramped up its coverage of the new game which is disappointing.  As usual I am more interested in which Legends we get in this year's game.  I know some may see it as a shameless cash grab, but I think 2K needs to look long and hard at putting "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes in the game.  He appeared in WWE 2K14 and was one of my favorites to play as.  I wouldn't see his inclusion this year as something shameless as much as it would be giving the fans what they want.  You can't tell me that there aren't tons of wrestling fans who'd love to fire that game up and play as "The American Dream" right now.

I'll continue to cover this game as we find out more about it over the next few months.  As usual, I can't wait to get my hands on it.

WWE arrives in North America on October 27th and Internationally on October 30th.  It will be available on PS4, Xbox One, PS3, and Xbox 360.