Monday, April 23, 2018

Friday The 13th: The Game First Look At New Engine

More information about the massive update in this thread on their official forums.

Best Wrestling Moment You Saw Live

I went with Golberg v Hogan on Nitro for the WCW Title, but the response I got is WAY more interesting than that one.

Click the link and see what all Mike Holcomb (@Mike_El) shared about his best wrestling moment at The Omni in ATL.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Equalizer 2 (2018) Trailer

This one is Not Safe For Work (NSFW) or Not For British School Kids (NSFBK) as we used to say on the Snopes Message Board.

Friday, April 20, 2018

1980 Style Atlanta Braves Hat

The Braves rocked this hat when I was a kid so it has always had a special place in my heart. Almost bought one last year, but didn't.

Finally found one again and pulled the trigger.

Great hat if you ask me. I believe they wore this from 1980 - 1987 per the Braves Uniforms history site.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Daniel Bryan V The Miz

WWE is wasting NO TIME capitalizing on the long-running feud between The Miz and Daniel Bryan. During Raw last night Bryan was already Tweeting about punching The Miz, and it looks like he will have an opportunity on the WWE UK Tour in May.

Good for Daniel Bryan, and good for the folks in the UK! touched on them reigniting their rivalry as well.  Watch Sami Zayn's face in that segment. He's actually the best part of it. His reactions are perfect.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Samoa Joe And Roman Reigns Have Tremendous Banter

Roman's response to Joe's Tweet above cracked me up, but Joe's promo on SmackDown Live last night was money too

They should have Roman only respond to Joe via Tweet from now on is what I'm getting at here.

WAIT! Samoa Joe responded and it keeps getting better.

RIP Bruno Sammartino (1935 - 2018)

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Wrestling legend Bruno Sammartino has passed away as confirmed by WWE. Unfortunately I did not see a ton of Bruno stuff as I was too young for his prime, and he didn't appear on The Superstation on Saturday night.

That said, I absolutely recognize the absolute legend that man is. It may not be a big thing in the grand scheme of things, but I am also glad that he reconciled with WWE before his passing.

I shared this on Twitter already, but the only thing of his I have really ever seen was the angle where Larry Zbyszko turns on Bruno who was his mentor.*

The whole thing was extremely well-done, and definitely succeeded in wanting you to see Larry Z get his.  The other aspect of it was I feel like it demonstrated what Bruno epitomized and that is pure class.

Season 2 Of GLOW Debuts On Netflix Friday, June 29th

I can't recommend it for everyone, but Season 1 was fantastic. Looking forward to Season 2.

Looking At Night Two Of The Superstar Shakeup

I looked at Night One of the WWE Superstar Shakeup the other day and now it's time to look at Night Two. updated the article I shared in the Night One post with last night's transactions.

  1. Jeff Hardy (and the US Title back)--This is a great move for Jeff. He comes off as an even bigger star on SmackDown Live.

  2. Absolution--I was certain they were going to split them. They seemed to announce them as if Absolution is still a thing. There's some intrigue there as Paige is now SDL GM.

  3. Samoa Joe--Much like Hardy, I think Joe immediately comes off as a much bigger deal on the blue brand. He cut a money promo too. This move will be good for him, and he's a positive addition to that show.

  4. Big Cass--I'm not high on Cass, but if we are getting him as muscle for The Miz as speculated then this is a fantastic move

  5. Asuka--I like this move as well as she's done everything she can on Raw, and not many other women moved really.

  6. Gallows & Anderson--Figured they were moving with Finn, but he's staying on Raw. Maybe they get a little more focus here.

  7. The Bar--These guys desperately needed a change of scenery and got it. With The Usos and New Day staying put on SDL, this is an awesome addition.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Rusev Asks The Important Questions

All joking aside... I think Bobby Lashley becomes Lashley now.

We really don't deserve Rusev, and I'm glad he's back to taking on Undertaker at Greatest Royal Rumble.

This also reminds me that WCW put Booker T in a feud with the former Ahmed Johnson (Big T) over the letter 'T,' and Booker lost!