Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Seth Rollins Destroys The Firefly Fun House

Very curious to see where we go from here with this. Will Bray Wyatt rebuild his Fun House? Will we see Bray Wyatt (not The Fiend) in the arena at some point? Might he even wrestle?

The main thing I took away from this segment was the one brilliant moment at 1:45 where Bray Wyatt says, "Why are you doing this to me?"

That one line really drove him the split between Bray and The Fiend. It was a little moment, but a perfect moment. The timid delivery was on the mark.

I hope the Fun House sticks around, but if not I trust Bray will be able to carry this forward as he's done a really good job since its debut.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

WWE Draft Information

Of note, here are the rules to The Draft (which takes place on the October 11th SmackDown, and October 14th Raw...

  • Over 70 Superstars, as well as tag teams, are eligible for selection in this year’s WWE Draft
  • SmackDown will draft 30 Superstars, and Raw will select another 41 Superstars
  • Since SmackDown is a two-hour show and Raw is a three-hour show, for every two picks SmackDown makes, Raw will receive three
  • Tag teams will count as one pick unless FOX or USA Network specifically wants to pick only one Superstar from the team
  • Any undrafted Superstars will immediately be declared free agents and able to sign with the brand of their choosing
I really like the added touch of free agency instead of a supplemental draft after the fact.

Not mentioned there, but the first pick will be decided by the winner of a Roman Reigns (representing SmackDown) v Seth Rollins (representing Raw) match that will kickoff SmackDown tomorrow night!

Lastly, this Tweet from The B-Team's Curtis Axel killed me...

UPDATE: The WWE on FOX Twitter account (@WWEonFOX) seems to suggest that some free agents my wind up in NXT!

Update 2: WWE: Preliminary WWE Draft Pools announced.

 I assume this is to keep all of the top talent from getting drafted on SmackDown (Night 1 of The Draft) AND to make it where you have top talent not getting drafted at the end of the show. So Rollins could get drafted 1st on Raw instead of being 3 or 4 on SmackDown.

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Full Card Announced For ACTION Wrestling's FOR GOD'S SAKE, KICK OUT!

Announcement from ACTION Ambassador and IWTV VJ Step Stool Sarah below.

Monday, October 7, 2019

AC Mack Wins SUP Bonestorm Title

...and we'll never EVER hear the end of this.

We really are living in the worst timeline.  Anyhow, listen to what the double champ  has to say as he has now added "Bonnie" to his collection. (The ACTION Title is "Alice" if you did not know.)

If you haven't looked at it yet I'd suggest you check out my look at AC Mack. It's a serious look at one of the south's rising stars.

Friday, October 4, 2019

ACTION Promo Code For EVOLVE 137 In ATL!

Some housekeeping here before we get started. I am aware that the flier says "OCOTBER." Neither my site or ACTION Wrestling designed it.

If you ARE going then use the promo code "ACTION" to save yourself a couple of bucks.

It's 10% to be exact, and there's literally no reason not to  use that when you buy your EVOLVE 137 tickets on Etix

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Mattel WWE Elite Series 72

Saw Mattel's WWE Elite 72 figs for the first time the other day, and it's a pretty nice set.

A link to the whole set (which includes some MOC pics) is below from Ringside Collectibles.

  • Batista

  • Becky Lynch

  • Buddy Murphy

  • Rey Mysterio

  • Roderick Strong

  • Velveteen Dream

Monday, September 30, 2019

SAW EXCLUSIVE ANNOUNCEMENT: Matt Sells V David Ali At Founders Day Festival FREE Show

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BIG TIME crowd favorite "The Rock N Roll Model" Matt Sells will be taking on David Ali at the ACTION Wrestling's Town of Tyrone Founders Day Festival show!

In case you have forgotten (even though I've mentioned roughly five billion times) this is an absolutely FREE show.

This should be a fun one as the Matt Sells is wildly popular with the Tyrone, GA crowd (and elsewhere too), and David Ali is brash, surly, and has a mean streak.

It's a perfect clash for a show like this as the moment both of these guys walk to the ring even this casual crowd will figure out really quickly how the feel about both.

Matt is a ton of fun despite his zero for the year 2019 record, and the crowd is always 100% behind him.

Friday, September 27, 2019

ACTION Wrestling Profile: AC Mack

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Earlier today I ran a bit that I thought up a week ago in honor of AC Mack's birthday. Once I realized some folks may actually want a real look at the "Mack Of All Trades" I thought it would be nice to follow the joke post up with a real one.

I ran this idea by Norko, and he liked it as well so here's my honest to goodness thoughts on AC Mack.

Like many talents on the indie scene I had heard of AC a good while before I actually saw him. Since my memory is notoriously bad about this stuff, I verified with Norko that the first show we saw him at was the Scenic City Rumble 2018.

I touched on that performance when ACTION Wrestling announced Joey Lynch v AC Mack on their inaugural show in what was the first ACTION match ever.
Quick thoughts on this, AC Mack was an absolute highlight of Scenic City Rumble 2018 for me. I had heard the name, but had not seen him until then. He was fantastic that night, and I am sure he'll bring that entertainment value to Tyrone.
The thing about AC Mack is that I feel he gets sold short for his ring work a little bit because the first thing you want to tell people about him is how great he is on the mic.

Let's Talk ACTION Wrestling Champion AC Mack...

He Is The Absolute Worst.

Come see him lose his title to Bobby Flaco at ACTION Wrestling's Founders Day Festival show on Saturday, October 5, 2019 in Tyrone, GA!

It's a FREE show that is part of the Town of Tyrone's Founders Day Festival!