Saturday, August 18, 2018

Small Change I Made To My Elias Elite Figure

I didn't think to grab a pic of the Elias figure before I cracked the package open, but you can see what Razor looks like before and after shirt removal. My son is actually getting the Razor Ramon figure at some point so that will eventually be loose anyway.

I really like the look of Elias with the shirt, it just adds something that makes it a little more authentically Elias.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

WWE 2K19: First Look At Ronda Rousey's In-Game Model

Nothing much to add other than it looks pretty slick.

ACTION Wrestling CEO Matt Griffin Talks August 17th Show, Etc.

I missed the very beginning of this, but I thought Matt Griffin's thoughts on the upcoming ACTION show, his promotion in general, and honestly just the indie wrestling scene were interesting.

Also I'd like to give a big shout out to ACTION Cat.

There's more about Friday's show after the jump...

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

WWE Custom Tees

A couple of days ago something interesting happened, an WWE Custom Tees site went online. The tagline is "WWE Tees Your Way...Customize To Fit Your Style.'

So what is it exactly? Basically it's one of those custom shirt stores, but they have all the WWE logos, etc.

For example, if you want the new Unleash The Big Dog shirt in Navy instead of black you can do that (sadly I can't get it in red which I think would look sharp).

You want that discontinued first shirt design for Elias? You can get a version of that there on a couple of different colors.

How about the classic Bret "The Hitman" Hart shirt? Yep, they've got it there, and you can get it in PINK!

Check out all the color options on this Unisex Twisted Bliss shirt.

One thing I really dig is that you can get a lot of them in Dark Heather Gray which is a nice change of pace from the Standard Black Wrestling Shirt.

That's pretty much it. They have different styles and types of shirts, and a wider variety of colors.

It's a pretty simple idea, but it allows you to come up with a WWE shirt that is perfect for you instead of you having to go with one you may not like as well.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

WWE 2K19: Showcase Mode Returns Featuring Daniel Bryan

I know some folks were missing this mode a great deal so I'm glad to see it return. Daniel Bryan is the perfect guy to center it around too, and the article explains why....
Why did 2K pick Daniel Bryan?

The 2K Showcase is back in WWE 2K19 due to popular demand. So 2K felt it fitting for Bryan to become the face of this year’s 2K Showcase.

2K cited Bryan’s enduring popularity in the WWE Universe and his long road to WWE stardom as the primary reasons for his story being selected for this year’s 2K Showcase.
I am generally easy to please when it comes to these games, and I am definitely looking forward to this year's release. This is a nice little bit of sizzle too.

Back in May I did outline a few things I'd like them to tweak about this year's edition. It's my Wish List as it were.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

SCI 2018: Guys Who Made An Impression

Looking at different aspects of the 2018 Scenic City Invitational is something I have wanted to do here since I got back in town last Sunday. The part that is most interesting to me is the fellowship, but I'm not ready for that part yet.

What I am ready to look at is a handful of guys who made an indelible impression on me this weekend. Specifically guys that I may have liked before, but came away with a new appreciation for after the event.

For example, guys like Joey Lynch (who was an MVP and winner of the tournament), and Gary Jay aren't included here. Why? I've been a huge fan of both guys for years now.

This is more about three guys who I came away with a different appreciation for after this tournament.

Let's go...

  1. Ike Cross (@Crossf1t_hobo)--Ike has a great look that absolutely grabs you the first time you see him. My memory is notoriously unreliable, but I am fairly certain I saw him at a previous Scenic City event (either Rumble or Trios), and thought he had a ton of potential.

    In my amateur opinion, he's definitely tapped into that potential because he was FANTASTIC at SCI 2018. He threw a backbody drop of all things that was a thing of beauty. He also took a couple of bumps that made me cringe, and that all worked.  Ike looks to me like a guy who will not be denied.

Friday, August 10, 2018

Full Announced ACTION Wrestling Show 3 Card (Friday, August 17, 2018 Tyrone, GA)

We are right at one week away from ACTION Wrestling's third show so now is a good time to go ahead and look at the entire announced card.

This is what I have as the announced card looking back through ACTION's social media, and I will give you some brief thoughts on each match and/or the competitors involved.

  1. Austin Theory v AC Mack--A guy who has the potential to make it to the very top of the industry (Theory) versus a guy who is one of the absolute best heels on the independent scene (Mack). The Town of Tyrone loved to hate Mack at the very first show, and I doubt this will be any different.

  2. 7 Pack Challenge featuring Kevin Ku, Dani Jordyn, Teddy King, Shawn Dean, Bobby Flaco, Tommy Maserati, and Matt Sells--A little more on Ku after the list of matches, but this is a promising group of talent here. Flaco impressed me at WWA4, and he's from this general area which is always cool. Sells was fun at the first show. Dean also showed a lot of promise at the WWA4 show I attend as did Maserati. 

    I've heard good things about both Jordyn, and King, but I have not seen them yet so it is always fun to see new talent live for the first time.

  3. James Bandy v AJ Gray Alan Angels--A lot of my Wrestling Twitter buddies are high on AJ Gray, and I think he's delivered every time I've seen him.  James Bandy is more of an upstart, but he definitely has the swagger and ability to make a name for himself. I respect his mindset. He wants it all, and is going for it. Alan Angels is incredible from what I've seen. Great look, great intensity, and innovative offense.  He's a guy I didn't think we'd see in ACTION due to other Friday night commitments so he's a tremendous replacement for AJ Gray (who had a great opportunity come up which ACTION was excited to let him take). 

  4. Ike Cross v Slim J--Like Ku I'm going to touch on Ike Cross and his potential after the list here. Slim J is that young veteran in the Hayes or Gordy mold, and has been a fantastic talent for a lot of years here in Georgia. I went to an Anarchy (GA) show a couple of years ago with Norko, and Slim J TORE IT UP with Fred Yehi if I recall correctly. If it wasn't Fred, it was a fantastic match regardless. I have a notoriously bad memory for this kind of stuff.

  5. Dominic Garrini v Cain Justice--Two guys who are very unique, and very highly-regarded. I didn't get to attend the second show, but Dom's match with Gunner in the main event of Show 1 was great as was Cain and Fred Yehi going at it at that show.

  6. Joey & Matt Lynch v Team TAG (Billy Buck will NOT be at ringside)--Joey, and Matt are fantastic. Much like AC Mack I know Tyrone will enjoy shouting down Team TAG (Team GAG as I like to call them) so this should be a really fun match. 

  7. Fred Yehi v Arik Royal--Royal laid out an open challenge, and Yehi accepted. Fred is so smooth, and can connect with even an unfamiliar crowd immediately. Arik has tremendous presence, and the crowd reacted to him immediately upon his arrival in the debut show.

    This match was announced after the initial publishing of this post by the way. 
Fred Yehi, and Arik Royal are both scheduled to appear as well judging by the event poster, but I do not believe anything has specifically been announced for either guy. Looks like another great show because there's a ton of quality talent here.

For example, coming out of SCI 2018 Ike Cross and Kevin Ku (by the way this was a POWER move by him in the Futures Showcase tournament) were a BIG topic of discussion. 

Then you have Ike Cross who is one of the biggest stories of SCI. I heard a lot of [I haven't seen him before, and he's really good] or [I liked what I saw before, but he's next-level now.]

It's an exciting show, and an exciting time for it right on the heels of the Scenic City Invitational. Having the SCI 2018 Champion, Joey Lynch come back is fantastic as well.

If you cannot be in attendance, but would like to support this promotion you can donate a ticket to a child via ACTION Wrestling's website.  All the kids I saw at the first show looked like they were having a fantastic time. As this is a show benefiting Armed Forces Mission, I have a little bit more about that organization after the jump...

Dano Brown's Custom Figure Work

A friend smartened me up to this guy's instagram feed. It's incredible. He makes toys, and packaging of all manner of pop culture properties.

For example, have you ever thought to yourself that you might want a Navin figure from The Jerk? He made one, and it's really cool.

Some of the pieces are even up for sale still over at his site Some Assembly Required. I respect his talent, and the work he has done. It's the type of stuff I absolutely love.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Kevin Owens, BRAUN, And The Briefcase At SummerSlam

I said for a while now that I think Kevin Owens screwing BRAUN out of the briefcase is much more interesting than any sort of  BRAUN cash-in (especially a surprise one).

I still maintain that, and I think Kevin Owens is taking the briefcase from BRAUN at SummerSlam. We've all assumed that KO will manage the victory through some sort of sever shenanigans.

After Monday's Raw where they teased that Jinder Mahal was upset with KO for trying to get him to tangle with BRAUN, I've come to the conclusion that Jinder will attack KO in order to get BRAUN disqualified. You may think that doesn't work, but so far as I recall I believe any KO win in this match gives him the briefcase and that includes via DQ.

It's cheap, and it's effective. It does raise the question though, "Why did BRAUN win Money In The Bank in the first place?"

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Why I Support ACTION Wrestling

Been thinking about doing a piece like this for a while to explain why I am so FIRED UP/passionate about ACTION Wrestling and what I hope is its continued success.

Before I get into all of the things that makes ACTION an exciting promotion, I need to talk a little bit about the area that it runs.  Tyrone is a special place to me. It's a small town in Fayette County where I grew up. I lived in a neighboring city, but my grandparents moved to Tyrone in 1985. Up until a few years ago we had all our big family events over there. Although we grew up in Fayetteville, Norko and I went to Sandy Creek HS in Tyrone as well.

I live 30 minutes away in Senoia now (Coweta County) but, we go to church in Tyrone less than a half mile from the home of ACTION the Roger Spencer Community Center.

There's a ton of independent wrestling in Georgia, but where Norko and I grew up there was a hole there. You have wrestling west of us, in ATL (thanks AWE!), up in Cornelia, etc., but the Fayette/Coweta area never really had much in the way of quality wrestling.  I vaguely recall there being a show in Fayette County years ago that I didn't even end up attending.  We'd also get one-offs with the Founders' Day Festival, but nothing that ran the area consistently.

So you should be able to see why a new promotion running in our backyard would be exciting for us.  This was only helped by the fact that Matt Griffin (ACTION's CEO FKA NWA WildSide's Jacey North) was behind it.  He's a guy that we trusted would a) go about his business the right way, and b) figured could get quality talent to work there.