Saturday, February 17, 2018

Jake "The Snake" Roberts And Alice Cooper Funko Pop!

On Friday, I found out that Jake "The Snake" Roberts was getting the Pop! treatment. Later in the day that news got even better as I found out his WrestleMania III cornerman, Alice Cooper, was getting the treatment as well.

You may or may not know that one of the highlights of 2017 was seeing Alice Cooper live in concert with Dad.

Anyhow, I don't intend to get too deep into Pop! collecting, but Alice and Jake will join Roman Reigns and Walter White at some point. Dad's getting an Uncle Alice too I'd imagine.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Which Act Did You Prefer? Jinder Mahal/Singhs Or Seth Rollins/J&J Security

The question above was a random thought that crossed my mind the other day as I was thinking about the similarities in the two acts.

This was something that was discussed at the time, and while I don't remember if I voted in this poll or not, I always leaned towards Jinder Mahal and The Singhs.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Rich Swann And WWE Part Ways

Moderately surprised that it was painted as a mutual decision. If you don't recall he was involved in a domestic issue with his wife (wrestler Su Yung) that led to his suspension.

Charges were dropped in January 2018.

Let's Walk With Elias

In November I told you that Elias Is The Real Deal, and that is still the case. Now that it is 2 - 3 months later I wanted to take a look at him again, and kind of follow-up on him.

Two things made now seem like a good time to do it, the BRAUN segment on Monday's Raw (2/12/2018), and his inclusion in the Elimination Chamber match.

If you have not seen the BRAUN segment, check out WWE's YouTube cut of it. Unfortunately, the beginning of his promo which was really the highlight for me.

The usual formula was followed:
  • Elias tells the crowd he wants silence
  • Crowd ROARS
  • He tells them he won't sing for them
  • HUGE POP from the crowd
  • He backpedals and said something like, [Well my voice is all warmed up and I sound real good...I'm going to play anyway.]

It wasn't groundbreaking, but it worked so well. He played the crowd so well that it really set the stage for what came next.  

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Darius Rucker's Valentine's Day Tweet

If you didn't know, I am a huge Hootie & The Blowfish fan. I've seen them twice in concert and they were fantastic both times. Also, Darius Rucker is a big wrestling fan which is widely known. Years ago I got a response from him about his Monday night wrestling questions he would occasionally pose.

He seems like a good dude, and I appreciated this wrestling-themed Valentine he posted.

SmackDown Is Getting The Impact Wrestling Treatment From Me

I just can't deal with this KO/Sami, and Shane/Bryan nonsense on top. Add in the return of Dolph Ziggler...and it's a wrap.

There are a lot of fantastic talents on that show so it's a shame, but it irritates me. The reference to Impact is that I have said repeatedly that I will only give it another shot when people I trust say it has been consistently good.

Hopefully a talent exchange, the blowoff of those main event programs I meantioned, or a change in creative will save this show for me.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Singing Furby Organ

I mean...why not?

I saw this on Sploid who gave credit to this post on Digg for it.

WWE Hall Of Fame Class 2018

Here is the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2018 so far (listed in order of announcement): 
  1. Goldberg
  2. Dudley Boyz 
  3. Ivory
  4. ???

Friday, February 9, 2018

Venom (2018) Teaser Trailer

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Current WWE Channel Changers: Your Least Favorite WWE Stars

I'm honestly not trying to turn this place into a war zone, but I would be interested in which current WWE talent irritates you the most right now.

The person you least like to see on your TV. Who is that?
Here are the top five responses I received.
  1. Dolph Ziggler
  2. Bray Wyatt
  3. Kevin Owens
  4. Natalya/Finn Balor/Sami Zayn (tied)
  5. Randy Orton
Of note, Dolph Ziggler won by a comfortable margin. He was well ahead of Bray Wyatt. Bray Wyatt was well ahead of Kevin Owens too. 

Out of this top 5 I totally agree with Dolph Zigger, Kevin Owens, Natalya, and Sami Zayn is kind of right on that edge for me.

Bray Wyatt is a guy I still like although I totally get why others don't. My son even thinks he's too predictable and needs to be freshened up. The pairing with Randy Orton was pretty interesting honestly.  Speaking of Orton...

I've been an Orton fan for a long time, and I've enjoyed him bringing the RKO #outtanowhere back recently.

Finn Balor isn't a guy I'm a huge fan of, but I do enjoy despite my issues with the Demon King entrance. The pairing with Gallows & Anderson as the Balor Club is a nice change of pace.

Also I have apparently curated my Twitter TL well as I only received one (1!) vote for The Big Dog/The Guy, Roman Reigns.

Others receiving votes are listed alphabetically after the jump: