Saturday, April 18, 2015

IRS in Brown Tights

From the April 22, 1991 MSG show on WWE Network.  Never knew about this until a discussion on WCMB.

Photo Credit: WWE Network

For the heck of it, here is his entrance attire which was just a regular looking suit. The pants were tearaway though so he'd take of the jacket and then remove the pants to get to this look.

ICYMI: Week of April 18th

Not as busy as some weeks, but there was still fresh content several days on the site.  Here's a look back at our week here on SAW and this one includes a bonus post from Saturday morning as I didn't have time to get ICYMI done sooner.
Next week should have a higher volume, but as always the real world may get in the way.  Hopefully, no matter how busy the week is what is posted will be enjoyed.

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FFA: Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Superman vs Batman: Dawn of Justice Trailer Discussion

Exciting week for us here at SAW as two highly-anticipated trailers were released. The trailers are shared below with some thoughts on each.

This was one was more exciting than Superman vs Batman: Dawn of Justice. While I liked the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy more than many others (especially The Phantom Menace), I think I'm stoked about this one because I believe I'm going to like the post-OT world more than the PT world. It is far more reminiscent, for obvious reasons, of the Star Wars world we grew up with and were first exposed to back in the 70s and 80s. That first shot of the crashed Star Destroyer is absolutely perfect as is the big Han Solo and Chewie reveal at the end.

The most notable thing about the Superman vs Batman trailer is how much better the real trailer looks than the cellphone video of it that dropped a day prior. You could see everything better for blatantly obvious reasons and it improved my opinion of it a ton. I'm a little disappointed that we didn't get a quick peek at or reference to Aquaman and Wonder Woman, but seeing Batman and Superman together was the hook. On that point this trailer delivered. I like how this movie seems to deal with some of the questions raised by Man of Steel. I loved MoS and this looks excellent as well.

Upload Credit: Star Wars; JoBlo HD Trailers

Thursday, April 16, 2015

WWE Create-A-Superstar Figures Releasing Summer 2015

 The WWE Create-A-Superstar figures were a really surprising product that showed up at New York Toy has new prototype images of these figures which now have a release date of summer 2015.

Here's what I said about this line at the time.

They have unveiled pictures of their Create A WWE SuperStar line which includes:
They did not have a picture of the Rocker Set or The Rock one, but had a loose pic which I linked above.  It appears that Sheamus, Kane, and Seth Rollins will also appear at some point in this set.  Rey Mysterio and Triple H have heads that come with the Lucha Set and Warrior Set respectively.  It is a really cool concept and I see a lot of potential there with the extra customizations you will be able to do with these figures.  My seven year old son's first reaction was, "Woah, that is cool."  He then responded with "COOL!!" to every other shot of those figures.
Bray Wyatt and Hulk Hogan are still my favorites, but the whole set looks really nice.  My seven year old wants that Hulk Hogan one and as stated above he loves the figure lines that are belt on this concept. 

Can't wait to see these hit retails.  I'll have to find an excuse to buy my son one.

Throwback Thursday: The Messiah returns to CZW

A little backstory, The Messiah was one of the top guys in XPW, a promotion based out of California who you may remember as a promotion that tried an invasion of ECW's Heatwave 2000 PPV event.  The Messiah was one of those wrestlers who tried to invade the show and was one of the faces of the promotion up until he left under controversial circumstances at the end of 2001. 

Beginning of 2002, he makes his debut for Combat Zone Wrestling in Philadelphia against then champion Justice Pain, and from at that point he becomes a mainstay in the promotion, becoming one of their top guys.  Then comes August 1 of that year...

The Messiah was in his home in California when he was attacked by two men in his house, hit with a fish tank and ended up losing a thumb.  The story made headlines across the wrestling industry, even national headlines with a story on America's Most Wanted.

It was expected that The Messiah would be taking a considerable amount of time away from wrestling to recover and to help with the investigation of his attack.  Little did people know that only a few weeks after the attack, he would return to wrestling, first making his comeback at the inaugural Tournament of Death for CZW, winning his first round match against Adam Flash and losing in the semi-finals to Nick Mondo.  And for a man who was attacked, to take part in such a brutal event shows just how much he needed to get back to some sense of normalcy in his life.  Despite all that had happened, wrestling was his place that he needed to get back to.
Cut to two weeks after the ToD, CZW held their monthly event at the old ECW Arena, dubbing this one Ultraviolent Freedom of Expression.  For a very long time it was more known for World Champion Justice Pain having an open challenge answered by CM Punk, but as time would tell, it would become more known for what would happen at the end of the show, when Nick Mondo and the Wifebeater were being attacked by the heel's, Lobo's Army, and The Messiah comes out to save the good guys.  At the end, The Messiah broke character and made his first public speech about what has transpired those past few weeks of his life.  Warning: the video contains very strong language.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Raw Review: Across the Pond

This was a disappointing Raw on a lot of levels. The only reason it isn't more disappointing is that expectations for a London Raw are typically low.  This show was less than the sum of its parts unfortunately, but I am hoping Extreme Rules still ends up being a decent show.  It is always interesting to see how quickly and steeply WWE falls off after Mania until they ramp back up for SummerSlam.  If this show is any indication we may have some problems. 
  • John Cena vs Bad News Barrett--The match was as solid as you might expect.  Nothing spectacular, but solid.  Lana shows up and distracts Cena long enough for Rusev to sneak up on him.  This all sets up a Russian Chain match at Extreme Rules.  While I hate smirky John Cena generally his reaction to the London crowd was great.  The smirk right before he lifted the US Title above his head was on point.  I still like the John Cena US Open challenge.
  • Randy Orton vs Cesaro--Hated the idea of this match when I saw Cesaro walking out.  In my world I prefer to keep the tag team division separate from the singles division in general.  My annoyance with this match grew to outright hatred when it was restarted after a DQ victory for Orton and Tyson Kidd was added to the match.  Randy Orton countering Tyson Kidd's springboard maneuver with an RKO was a cool end to the match, but I despise handicap matches especially when the tag champs are on the losing end.  Orton gets to choose a stipulation for the WWE World Heavyweight Title match at Extreme Rules because of this win.
  • Roman Reigns Interview--While I am not going to claim this was a great promo, it was a really good effort out of Reigns.  The way he spoke was more natural and he dropped the hushed tone he uses in those pretapes.  He showed flashes of his charisma which have largely been missing since his Shield days.  The verbal confrontation with Show was fine and Big Show's brutal attack on Reigns would have been effective if Show didn't get X-Pac Heat in 2015.
  • Seth Rollins vs Kane--They teased a Fingerpoke of Doom which we ultimately got.  The bit with Daniel Bryan trying to get into Kane's head wasn't too bad.  Much like Show, if Kane meant anything in 2015 his turmoil over laying down for Rollins might have meant more.  Rollins got to pick a stip because of his win.
  • Stipulation Segment--This was actually a lot of fun although it fails as a main event.  The site of Seth Rollins in that recliner was obnoxious Rollins at its best.  Orton flipping him over was hilarious.  Seth Rollins being a weasel and getting away? Always excellent.  So the WWE World Heavyweight Title match at Extreme Rules will be a cage match and the RKO will be banned.  
  • Divas Battle Royal--Even in London I thought Naomi was getting the nod here and was kind of surprised when she didn't.  Paige winning was an awesome moment in front of her hometown.  Naomi's heel turn was pretty cool even though it felt like it came out of nowhere.  It makes me wonder what they'll do with her as it relates to The Usos. 
  • Dolph Ziggler vs Neville--Really cool match with an amazing 450 Splash from the barrier by Neville.  He doesn't get the win, but looked great in a loss.  Sheamus wrecking everyone was another perfect moment in his heel run.
  • Everything Else--The Prime Time Players skit was awful although Titus saying "I'll wait" was amazing when talking about Puerto Rican bullfighters.  Summer Rae firmly sided with Mizdow who got the clean win.  The Miz is a really good heel.  Fandango/Stardust was a nothing match, but Fandango got the crowd going by dumping Rosa and returning to his old music.  Ryback/Harper only served to get Harper/Ambrose going which should be a good feud.   
Like I said in the open, this was yet another one of those shows where when I look at it bit by bit it isn't all that bad.  While watching it though it became a real chore during the third hour.  It seems to me that a lot that was wrong with this show is due to their past failings.  Hopefully coming back to the US of A will allow business to pick up a bit.  This Raw was a misfire as I feared it would be. 

    Monday, April 13, 2015

    Raw Preview: April 13, 2015

    The Raw Five-Point Preview is now up and here's my weekly look at the show. This one will be taped in London which will mean we should have spoilers available early in the afternoon here I believe.  I will provide a link to those once I get my hands on them.  Typically, London Raws don't excite me much, but I'm all-in on this one.  

    1. How will The Viper get even with Seth Rollins?--Moving Roman Reigns out of the WWE World Heavyweight Title picture was a wise move for now.  With Orton the number one challenger for the time-being this will allow them to focus on Orton/Rollins which should be a fun feud now that the belt is in play.  Orton has been as over as anyone since his return even with WWE's mishandling of him initially.  I think the match at Extreme Rules will be a solid one and hopefully Rollins will be the slippery champion until then.
    2. Could John Cena lose the U.S. Title in the U.K.?--Cena's "US Open" challenge will take place across the pond which will be an interesting dynamic.  I like that gimmick a lot even though we have no reason to believe that anyone other than Cena will be US Champion heading into his match with Rusev at Extreme Rules.  Hopefully this gives us another entertaining match like Ambrose/Cena and Stardust/Cena.  WWE has done the unthinkable and that's to make John Cena somewhat interesting to me.
    3. Which Diva will get the ultimate chance against Nikki Bella?--The Divas Battle Royal to determine the No. 1 contender is a good idea.  If Naomi is going to be as awful in the ring as she was last Monday they might want to consider using this to give the shot to someone else.  I don't believe that will happen though as I fully expect her to earn her shot at Nikki and the Divas Title tonight.
    4. Will Sheamus be cut down to size?--The hook here is selling Sheamus and his "anti-underdog quest" which is a smart move.  The Sheamus heel turn and new look has been a great way to freshen up a character that the Universe was clearly tired of as a face.  In the world of wrestling figure collectors for example Sheamus is one of the top "peg warmers" in any Toys R Us you walk into these days.  WWE is clearly high on the guy even with his injury issues, but he needed something to freshen his whole deal up and to their credit they've done it.  They float the idea that he could mix it up with Bryan or Ziggler.  With IC Champion Bryan taking on Barrett I'm going to assume that we get Sheamus/Ziggler first and then possibly a Sheamus/Bryan feud.  I hope they don't have Bryan drop the strap to Sheamus though.  They need to let him keep that and run with it for a while.  Only Daniel Bryan is going to be able to restore that title to its former glory if that's what they intend to do.
    5. Has The Miz’s spotlight been stolen?--Putting the spotlight on The Miz/Damien Mizdow feud in the Five-Point Preview is a bit of a surprise, but it is a pleasant one.  The Miz TV segment on SmackDown was one of their better interactions since the split and I hope this feud starts to gather some real momentum.  
    Notable omissions are Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt who may very well get something started tonight.  I'm all for that feud although I'm not really wanting to see either guy lose to the other.  If they stretch it out over a couple of months though I would definitely like to see them face off at least a couple of times on PPV.

    The show sounds promising.  It will be hard for me to not read the spoilers, but even if I do I intend to sit down and watch the entire episode.  The crowd should be lively which is always a bonus as well.  

    Friday, April 10, 2015

    ICYMI: Week of April 10th Spring Break!

    Here's to what I hope was another entertaining week here on SAW.  I know I enjoyed it because it was Spring Break for me and my family.  I will be going back to the grind the same day WWE will bring us Raw from London, England.

    Here's our recap:
    The usual features will be here on SAW (Raw Preview/Review mainly) and we'll have whatever else interests us so check it out and keep up with us via the various methods below as well.  

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    Mattel WWE Elite 36 Finally Confirmed

    After some rumor and innuendo, Mattel has confirmed the lineup for WWE Elite 36 and it is as follows:
    • Bo Dallas
    • Bray Wyatt
    • DDP
    • Dean Ambrose
    • Goldust
    • Stardust
    That pretty much matches up with what I seem to recall of the rumored lineup.  I distinctly recall the two sets of brothers being in the same lineup.  I think the only must-buy here is Diamond Dallas Page.  Although I actually passed on his WWE Legends figure and it does kind of depend on which look they go with to be honest.  I'll be interested to see what that Dean Ambrose looks like as I have his Shield Elite.  Personally, I hope they have one with one of his shirts on instead of the plain tank top he often wears, but I doubt that happens. Bray Wyatt would be a must-buy, but I already got his first Elite figure. 

    Thursday, April 9, 2015

    Trent Acid: What Could Have Been

    One of the sad things of independent wrestling is the talent that comes and goes through it.  There are a lot of guys who have a lot of natural talent, who have worked hard to earn the respect in the business, but, unfortunately, end up leaving the business for whatever reasons, be it personal, frustration, or in the case of Trent Acid, death.

    During the time where me and David would attend NWA Wildside shows, we encountered a lot of those talents like that, got all the talent in the world, then fade away.  We got to see one of those guys in Trent Acid.  Known for his work in the Northeast, specifically Combat Zone Wrestling, we had heard he was one of the guys to watch.

    It was the early 2000's and he was labeled among talents like Reckless Youth, Christopher Daniels and others as the early indy darlings.  What made Acid so great was that he wrestled so many different types of matches, from the Jr. Heavyweights to tag-teams, to even the Ultraviolent style.  And he excelled in all of them, CZW knew that and unofficially labeled him as their ace, the guy to go to when they needed a great match.  When they brought in Homicide to help lay the seeds for the future CZW vs ROH feud, who did they feud him with?  Acid. 

    I'm not going to go into details of his career post 2004, however it was during this time his name started to slowy fade from the spotlight as he worked other promotions that weren't as big as the CZW's or ROH.  Towards the end of his career he made good and returned to CZW in 2009 until his untimely passing due to a drug overdose. 

    I had recently saw a conversation which asked the question of whether or not Acid would've been noticed by the WWE had NXT been around in the early 2000's.  Most undoubtedly, in my opinion, the answer is yes.  The only thing I know that he needed to work on most was his interview abilities.  But I know, he had the talent that would've gotten him noticed in a modern day WWE.  Back then, size was definitely an issue, but in this modern day, in the era of the WWE Network, I can tell you without a doubt he would've gotten someone's attention in Stanford.  Sadly, like those before and after, his demons got the better of him and we'll never know what he could've achieved.