Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Quality Roman Reigns Fan Art "The Big Dog" By Tom

A Wrestling Twitter buddy of mine, Tom (@TQSherwood) shared this fantastic piece of Roman Reigns art last night.

It's based on this shot by Mark Torres Photography.

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

USA Network Ad For Raw: Must Be Monday

This new ad is really slick, and a friend of mine pointed out that this was likely the ad that Samoa Joe suffered his most recent injury.

TWO Great Segments On Raw: EDGE and Undertaker

Last night's Raw delivered two different talking segments that absolutely ruled.

The show opened with what appears to be a a stripped-down version of Undertaker (more Biker Taker/his real personality than the Dead Man) talking about his BONEYARD Match at Mania with AJ Styles.

While the "shoot name" stuff doesn't do a ton for me this was a really solid segment. 

It also speaks to the idea that I've heard that the Dead Man should have never returned after his WrestleMania 33 match against Roman Reigns, but this version should have been how he came back to wrestling.

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Google Knows What's Up

A trusted source told me that the Google app knew the answer to a very important question.

The answer to a question that is near and dear to my heart so I asked my wife to film as I asked this, and here's the result.

Saturday, March 28, 2020

GI Joe Classified: Destro

This is an INCREDIBLE figure.

I liked the concept of the GI Joe Classified series, but so far only Snake-Eyes was a home run with Duke being a really sharp figure as well.

For more pics check out this IGN article which is where I grabbed the photo.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

ACTION Wrestling: BLINDED BY THE FIGHT Has Been Canceled

"The CEO" Matt Griffin just posted the following:
Unfortunately with the expected news on school closures, we have to cancel the ACTION Wrestling show at Newnan High School.

We will be refunding all ticket money in hand over the next few days.

We hope to revisit a show at NHS when we are able to host events, we know this was going to be a great one.

Disappointing news, but as soon as I saw that Governor Kemp extended the school closures until Friday, April 24th I expected to see this statement released.

Everyone be safe out there, and I look forward to seeing y'all at an ACTION show as soon as they are able to start running shows again.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Seth Rollins Also Delivered On Raw

Had I thought of this earlier I would have included it in the Randy Orton piece, but this crossed my mind later.

Anyhow, the Monday Night Messiah may be the best version of Seth Rollins WWE has given us. The Authority's Rollins was entertaining, and of course I love The Shield, but this Rollins is absolutely pitch perfect.

His delivery is perfect in this promo, and his delusion is palpable...and he comes off like he 100% believes what he's spewing.

It all ties in nicely with some real world backstory too, and honestly it's just off-the-charts good.

Randy Orton Can Certainly Cut A Promo

At this point Randy Orton is almost criminally underrated as being an absolute master of his craft.

His promo on yesterday's Raw where he accepted EDGE's challenge for a Last Man Standing Match at WrestleMania 36 is yet another example.

It's really fascinating too because like I've said before he can simmer on the back of the stove not doing much important or even being on vacation, but when it's time to heat him up for something important, he's always up for the challenge.

He has a believability about him that most simply cannot match.

Monday, March 23, 2020

From ACTION's CEO: The Current State Of The Promotion

"The CEO" Matt Griffin took to Twitter to briefly discuss the state of ACTION Wrestling in this very difficult time.

Any asterisks were placed there by me and will point to a note at the bottom of the post.

Here' you go...
Been actually feeling good the last several days, but disconnected from the wrestling business. We certainly don't have it as bad as many, nor is wrestling the most important thing now but it's certainly depressing since we are supposed to be in the midst of our busiest time ever.

We had to cancel two shows in the last 9 days and tonight we were going head on into WRESTLEVANIA as part of The Collective in April.* I'm not revealing any plans as far as unannounced matches or, well, anything, since hopefully we can come back to certain things.